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There’s no need to wait! Instantly download, print and make this awesome polygonal mask right in your own home with our printable mask pattern!

The instant download includes full instructions and the printable pattern pieces you’ll need to make this full head elephant mask! With a few basic supplies that you may already have at home, you can be wearing this polygon mask in just a couple of hours!

We recommend to use thicker paper or thin cardboard (200g-300g / 90lb-110lb cover), it`s up to you. Once the pattern is printed, follow the instructions to build your own mask.

These masks are great for Halloween, New Year’s, Fancy Dress parties, cosplay and any time you want to just get into a different head for a while! Personalize your mask with different colors and embellishments if you choose; since this is a printable mask, you can make as many masks as you like with this pattern!


– Instant download file containing mask pattern and instructions
– Detailed instructions in English
– Help File with photographs of the building steps
– Fitting instructions


– Level of difficulty – Level C/Hard (see below)
– It should take approximately 4-5 hours to construct this mask
– You can use glue or tape to attach the matching numbered parts together
– Print the template and glue it on colored cardstock or paint the finished item to personalize your mask
– Use colors and embellishments plus your own creative flair to decorate the surface and finalize your unique masterpiece!

Our instant download polygonal masks have different levels of difficulty.

Level A = Easy. You need approximately 1-2 hours to build the mask
Level B = Middle. You need approximately 2-4 hours to build the mask
Level C = Hard. You need approximately 4-5 hours or more to build the mask, but the end result is worth it, just make sure you have some good music to listen to!


The mask pattern that you are buying is designed to fit an adult and you should not need to adjust the scaling. Please print the file at 100% the same size as the original document. If you want to use this template for children, you can scale it down to 80% using your printer settings.


– A printer (A4 or US letter size)
– 24 sheets of A4/letter size paper or cardboard
(we recommend cardstock or thin cardboard 200g-300g / 90lb-110lb cover)
– 2 sheets – horns (white)
– 22 sheets – head (grey)
– Scissors
– Craft Knife (optional)
– Ruler
– Glue
– Tape