6 Warning Signs Your Business Is Suffering| Hire A Good Copywriter
Is It Time To Hire A Copywriter?| Is your business suffering? Check out the 6 warning signs that you need to hire a Copywriter for your business.
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Is It Time To Hire A Good Copywriter?

6 Warning Signs Your Business Is Suffering


Knowing when it’s time to hire a copywriter is difficult to gauge, especially if you’re used to ‘doing it all’ on your own. Delegating the all-important task of content creation to someone who doesn’t know your business like you do can be daunting. Copywriting is one of those tasks that many business owners try to DIY initially, but as your business progresses (and in fact to help your business grow), it’s important to invest in a good copywriter who can create high-value content that reflects the voice of your business and resonates with your ideal clients. 

I’ve put together a list of ‘6 Warning Signs That Your Business Is Suffering’, which will hopefully help you to avoid a content meltdown!

You’ve got stuff to write.

But don’t have time to write it.

Or maybe you’re not sure how.

Either way, you need a copywriter.

(It’s not rocket science!)

But you’d be surprised by how many clients come to me when they are drowning in their ‘To-do’ lists and on the verge of shutting it all down.  This is a situation that could easily be avoided, if only they had known the warning signs to look for.

So, what are the warning signs that your business could be suffering because you haven’t yet committed to hiring a copywriter?

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WARNING #1 – You need a good copywriter because your website is not converting


THE PROBLEM: People aren’t buying enough, or at all!  Your website is loaded with products and services that you KNOW will help solve the problems of your ideal client but – despite your best efforts – people are not committing to the sale.  There are several reasons why your website isn’t converting, and confusing or cluttered copy is one of them.  Your website content is either too long, too short, not engaging, doesn’t provide value, or doesn’t include appropriate keywords to help improve your SEO, which would make your business more likely to be found in search results.

THE SOLUTION: A good copywriter will work with you to write content for your website that is clickable and compelling. They will do everything from revamping your product descriptions, to writing clear and concise copy that incorporates keywords, to writing ‘micro copy’ for the buttons on your website. You know those buttons that say, ‘BOOK HERE’ or ‘JOIN US’ – that’s called micro copy.  As a result, website visitors will be inclined to stay on your site for longer, to visit other pages of your site, (including your Services page and Shop – hooray!), and to press that illusive button – BUY NOW!


WARNING #2 – You need a good copywriter because you have a list that has never or rarely hears from you


THE PROBLEM: Your list doesn’t know you exist. Admit it. You were excited when you first started attracting new email leads to your

list. But that was short-lived as you haven’t had a chance to sit down and write said emails to them yet, let alone write monthly, fortnightly or weekly emails! Collecting email leads is essential, as they then become a warm audience for you when you are ready to pitch your next exciting product or service.

THE SOLUTION: A good copywriter will work with you to batch-write a series of emails to keep your list engaged. You can then easily schedule emails to be sent to your list in a quarter of the time it would take you to research, write, edit and schedule content, if you did it yourself.


WARNING #3 – You need a good copywriter because your prospective clients are not valuing your worth


THE PROBLEM: Your brand is synonymous with discounts.  You are constantly discounting or creating special offers for your clients because you know how much they would benefit from your products and services, if only they trusted you and your brand enough to try them.  Unfortunately, discounting your products and services is not solving the problem.  You have heard that blogging helps to build brand awareness, BUT your blog articles are published inconsistently or not at all.

THE SOLUTION: A good copywriter will work with you to create a library of valuable blog posts. You can then point your clients towards your blog to help educate them and demonstrate your worth.  As you begin to post regularly and consistently, you become known for your expertise, your knowledge, your value, and your generosity – not for your discounts. 


WARNING #4 – You need a good copywriter because your prospective clients are not recognising you as an industry expert


THE PROBLEM: You spend waaay too long on discovery calls trying to communicate your worth to skeptical or unresponsive prospects. You know your products and services will help solve their problems, but they don’t believe it or buy it. Why? Because you haven’t effectively communicated your value.

THE SOLUTION: A good copywriter will work with you to source and compile testimonials and recommendations that will raise your profile. Using a range of testimonials from past clients, affirmations about your products/services made by staff/colleagues/thought leaders, and public recommendations about your products/services, will provide social proof that you are the solution your prospects have been searching for.


WARNING #5 – You need a good copywriter because there is no buzz around your business


THE PROBLEM: Your social media profiles are either soaring or stagnant – there’s no in between.  Your clients haven’t heard from you on some social media platforms in months and when they do hear from you, it’s usually an adhoc post here and a picture there, but you haven’t been able to post consistently.  It’s a bad sign when your clients are starting to wonder whether your business is still operating!

THE SOLUTION:  A good content writer will be able to work with you to sort and strengthen your social media marketing strategy. Remember, not all copywriters also write social media content so if you’re hoping to offload a range of tasks to your newfound biz sidekick, you’re going to want check if they offer social media services prior to engaging them.


WARNING #6 – You need a good copywriter because your clients are not receiving a timely email response from you


THE PROBLEM: Your email inbox is full to overflowing. Unread emails. Unanswered emails. Too many damn uncategorised opt-in freebie emails. You are spending your valuable time writing content for your business – social media posts, emails, website copy, flyers, video scripts – but in the process, you’ve been neglecting your daily routine tasks of checking, responding to and clearing your inbox, causing inbox catastrophe!  A lack of consistent and timely communication with your clients reflects poorly on your business and brand, so it’s important to overcome this issue as soon as possible.

THE SOLUTION: A good copywriter will work with you to create a Content Marketing Strategy – it’s a game plan that will help you understand what content you should be creating and when and where you should be posting it. As a result, you’ll have time to focus on other important tasks like creating new products and services, scaling your business, and spending time with your friends and family.


Final Thoughts On The Benefits Of A Good Copywriter


The BEST Copywriter will be able to work with you to identify any gaps your Content Marketing Strategy and create a plan that will have people looking at your business and saying ‘must have’ instead of maybe.

If you’re ready for browsers to be turned into blown-away buyers with content marketing, book your FREE 15-minute, no obligation, content call  with Veronica McDermott.

Time to hire a good copywriter?

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