Content Marketing Is The New Black| Content Marketing
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Content Marketing Is The New Black| Content Marketing

How To Dress Your Business For Success With Content Marketing


If you’ve ever looked at someone else’s Facebook posts reeling out in perfect succession or checked out your competitor’s latest blog article, and felt envious, you know you have a serious case of Content Marketing Envy!

They really should label this.

Because Content Marketing is the way forward.

Content Marketing is the new black!

If you haven’t been in business long or you do most of your dealings offline (like in the real world) rather than the online world, then you may not necessarily have your head around what Content Marketing is.

Let alone how to do it.

And chances are you know even less about how to do it better than your competitors!




What is content marketing?

In short, “Every email, every tweet, every landing page, and every product description—they’re all examples of content” (Anon., n.d.).

We live in a world that embraces the digitalisation of literally EVERYTHING, from a virtual air kiss icon from your mother (What is the world coming to?!) to booking a destination wedding in Thailand, without ever speaking to a real-life person. Like at all. Yes, I did that!

More than ever, it’s so important that your business is putting its best foot forward as it struts its stuff in the marketing world.

It seems that some businesses have ALL the latest gear when it comes to getting their marketing message out there.

Cut-throat content.





Big baselines.


But, how can you dress your business for success?


With a clear, clever and creative Content Marketing strategy.

Sounds like a mean feat.


But it doesn’t have to be.

The truth is, just like looking good, Content Marketing doesn’t have to make you want to poke your own eyes out with a coat hanger.


You follow these steps:



The greatest Fashion Influencers on Instagram and in Fashion capitals of the world, have one thing in common – they know their stuff!

How do they know what to wear day-in-day-out? How do they stay on top of their fashion game?

They do their homework.

They put themselves in an informed position where they can make fashion predictions.

So, how can you replicate this when brainstorming content marketing ideas for your business?

Get your ‘stalking’ on!



Join Facebook and LinkedIn groups of people who share similar interests and aspirations as you.

If you’re a young business professional – join ‘Young Business Professionals’ networks. If you sell property – join a group of ‘Property Sellers’. If you’re a holistic healer –  join a group of Wellness Professionals.

Furthermore, join groups that your ideal client would also be likely to join.

If you’re a personal trainer, seek out and join a ‘5 Days To Fitness’ group. If you can’t find that group, create THAT group! But that’s another article!

Hang out in the spaces and places where conversations are held – where you get to hear what your customers pain points are DIRECTLY from them!



Underneath every great outfit is a simple concept.

Starting with a simple colour palette – blue and yellow, red and green, or purple and yellow – is best.

People who dress well, don’t reinvent the wheel every time they go to their cupboard or make a new purchase.

They use their knowledge of simple colour and style combinations – which they know work – to look attractive.

Similarly, in your business, there’s no need to go looking for that ‘golden nugget’ of content that your ideal client is waiting for.

Start with simplicity. Begin with what you already have in your cupboard – your knowledge.

What do you already know that your followers would benefit from?  Trust your instincts. You know stuff about stuff. And you know a lot more than you think you know.

An easy way to discover what information is golden and shareable is by asking yourself, “What do I find easy to do that others struggle with?” or “What do people come to me for advice about?”




For example, you may have written a Mission Statement behind closed doors, but have you shared it with your social media following yet?

Do your prospective clients know WHY your mission and vision sets you apart from the rest?

Why not give them an insight into how you do what you do with a quick statement from your mission statement and a picture of you living out your mission!



The staples are important. When it comes to content, Steve Jobs maintains we should, “Always provide original, relevant, high-quality content” (Anon., 2016).

Have another look in the wardrobe of all the things you already KNOW and DO in your business.

Could your Content Marketing strategy involve re-sharing to your social media platforms, a blog article that had great engagement a few months ago?

Remember, you can create new looks each day by tweaking the content you already have in your business wardrobe.


Why not use content that you have already been created such as a blog article and repurpose it as short ‘How To Tips’ on your social media platforms.  Or, take your business logo, your product, or yourself to a new location and get snap-happy in a unique location.

Simple content.




Everyone – especially your Grandma – knows that fashion goes in cycles.

Think: bell bottom pants, short-shorts, frills, lace, double denim, power sleeves.

What goes around comes around.

Same deal with content.

These days, it seems that video content is the King of Kings when it comes to content.

What’s important though, is that you continue to wear what looks good and works for your business.  Don’t put your business in heels, if it runs better in flats.

Think of it this way…

If the thought of creating a 2-5-minute video once a week, makes you feel like quitting business altogether, it may just mean that ‘video content creation’ may not be the best fit for your business.

But, that doesn’t mean your business will NEVER be fashionable or a trend-setter.



Think creatively – could you create an animation for your business, hire a Voice Over Artist and/or set some images and text to music? These alternatives are still using the power of visual content marketing and save you from feeling like a failed business owner!

Alternatively, you can always hire a model to wear the things that you don’t wear well yourself. Aka, you can always hire a professional to help you out with video content creation if it’s not your gig.



In the words of Steve Jobs, “Quality is more important than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles”  (Anon., 2016).

Have you ever noticed those businesses that are churning out purpose-less posts based on the latest content trends on their social media channels?  There is no consideration for whether the content is meaningful or relevant for their audience.  Unfortunately, when it comes to Content Marketing, one size DOESN’T fit all!

All of this, is equivalent to wearing clothes that do not fit your business body shape, do not resonate with your style or intentions and DEFINATELY do not bring you any closer to connecting with your target audience.

It’s not a good look.

You want your business to be complemented on its Content Marketing attire. Just as a college would comment that what you’re wearing really suits you, your Content Marketing strategy must be a ‘good fit’ for your business.

Whether you create content monthly, weekly, daily or multiple times a day for your followers, it’s important that you choose an outfit that you are comfortable in.

A simple approach to Content Marketing, where you can accessorize with surprising pops, will ensure that your business becomes alluring and enviable of course!


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